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Sports & Orthopedic Massage
For anyone with pain or injury.  Meant to manage  the physical stresses incurred by the serious athlete or the weekend warrior. 
 This treatment is performed by our expert therapist who focuses on muscles in the body that are fatigued and stressed, or experiencing pain and discomfort from excessive exercise, repetitive motion or sports related activities.  The goal is to address any pain and discomfort for injury prevention and to enhance athletic performance.  Facilitates the elimination of toxins in athlete’s muscles 'pre' and/or 'post' sports event for peak performance using a variety of massage techniques.
60 min - $75        90 min - $99        120 min - $140
 -10% Discount on Package of 5 massages- 
Deep Tissue
An invigorating full-body massage that targets tired, sore muscles 
with the intention of affecting the deeper tissues of the body. Your therapist
will use her expertise to access the underlying structural muscles in order to facilitate ease in the functionality of your body. At the end, you may ask for the application of Arnica oil ($10 add-on) to be applied as this is a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps to reduce muscle pain and stiffness.
60 min - $75        90 min - $99        120 min - $140
-10% Discount on Package of 5 massages- 
Hot Stone Restorative Massage
This luxurious heated-stone massage will transform your very existence and lead you to a tranquil state while elevating sense of self. The penetrating warmth of silky river stones are applied to pressure points & utilized to work through muscle tension delivering deep relaxation & release to stressed muscles to improve circulation & calm the nervous system.
60 min - $75           90 min - $99
 -10% Discount on Package of 5 massages- 
The Healing Touch Massage
This intuitive, relaxing Swedish-style massage allows you & your massage therapist to meet your individual massage needs.  The intention of the massage may be to invigorate your senses & body, overall healing of minor aches & pains, or perhaps total rejuvenation is more appropriate for your state of being.  Creation of a unique & harmonious experience is the goal.  You will choose the oil blend that will best promote a healthy equilibrium of body, mind & spirit.
60 min - $65            75 min - $75   
90 min - $90            120 min - $130 
Aromatherapy Massage
with Essential Oils
An ancient prophecy says there are seven energy centers, or chakras, in the body. An exceptional experience has been created for you, to synchronize these centers to incorporate the healing properties of essential oils.   Allow your massage therapist to lead you to the appropriate essential oil to compliment your nurtured experience.
60 min - $75         90 min - $99        120 min - $135
 Please note prices do not include gratuity nor tax.