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Meet  Our  Experienced  Therapists
Massage Therapist
• Annette Jacks  
Call 970.903.2213
Annette Jacks is an authority on sports and medical massage.  Has in-depth knowledge of the athlete's anatomy and challenges.  Deep tissue massage also.
See How Regular Bodywork can
Improve Your Well-being!
•  Pain Relief 
•  Injury Prevention 
•  Improved Training 
•  Increased Energy 

Hi, my name is Annette and I have been managing health problems for my clients for the past twenty years.  My expertise is in chronic pain relief, sports injuries as well as the pain that comes with the aging process.  With regular massage & bodywork you'll find freedom by regaining full range of motion.  When the body is relieved of facia and muscle tension you feel and function better on a daily basis.   I look forward to working with you at BODYSHOP soon!
• Evelyn Clark •
30 Years Experience 

Call 505.670.5683
Evelyn Clark has more than 30 years' massage therapy experience.  For the ultimate relaxing, therapeutic massage call Evelyn.
In her treatments, Evelyn synthesizes ancient, traditional and present day scientific & intuitive knowledge to provide an effective & transforming therapeutic massage experience. She is also nationally certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB #796987).
Evelyn's treatment approach designed to provide both relaxation and pain relief. Techniques are intuitively combined to meet the individualized needs and wishes of each client.
Evelyn's Massage Philosophy.. 
Evelyn says, "From when we are born we experience touch as comforting. And although massage therapy is a sophisticated development of the sense of touch it's purpose remains the same---to bring comfort by relieving tension caused by stress and it's many effects on our bodies.
Life brings all kinds of stresses. It's part of it. Massage therapy is one very good and effective way to come back into balance and well being." 

Deep Tissue, Orthopedic, 
Chi Nei Tsang 
and Rejuvenating Massage

Massage Therapist
 • Elaine Tarango •


"I bring Presence, Intuition and a High Level of Technique to each massage treatment.  Every person is unique, each time is different.  

Wellness in every body is dynamic and transcendent. 
 I strive to bring the care & skill needed to bring your 
body back to homeostasis & balance."

24 Hour Cancellation Policy
We cannot accommodate last-minute cancellations
and must charge for missed appointments.