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BODYSHOP Workout & Massage - Sweat & Rejuvenate in Placitas!
For Over 10 Years, Bodyshop has been helping 
people become more Fit, Balanced & Strong!
• Susan Barcena • 
Owner/Personal Trainer
I enjoyed a long professional sales career, however; I realized I had not been placing a priority on eating well nor on exercise which resulted in excess weight gain & a lack of energy.
That's when I hired a certified personal trainer who expertly guided me back to being fit and feeling great. This experience has had a profound influence on me to want to eat cleanly and remain fit and active for the rest of my life and to motivate others to do the same...

BODYSHOP was created as a safe, positive environment for working out.   Later, I added massage therapy for my clients as a way to compliment the fitness component.
Please call for a FREE Personal Fitness Consultation so that you, 
too can enjoy the benefits of being active once again. 
60 minutes $65 
30 minutes $35 
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"I am committed to teaching people how to transform their bodies using the latest in Core Stabilization & *Functional Training techniques focusing on key muscle groups."     - Susan Barcena
Known for utilizing fun & effective workouts that focus on stability & strength training, Susan works with all fitness levels placing an emphasis on *functional training for a healthy, balanced life.  She can also consult with you regarding proper nutrition and weight management.
*Functional Training is a classification of exercise which involves training the body for the activities performed in daily life.
• National Academy of Sports Medicine
       -  Fitness Nutrition Specialist
         Excels in Core & Functional Training, 
         Weight Management/Nutritional 
• Bachelor of Fine Arts, SMU, Dallas
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